On April 17, Prologis hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for a logistics facility in Illingen, near Stuttgart, together with approximately 50 guests, among them representatives from economy and government as well as business partners. A sustainable building, around 13,000 square meters of high-quality logistics and office space, will be built on a 45,000 square meter site in a logistics and commercial area in the north of Illingen. Prologis plans to complete the project in December 2024. 

Prologis took the opportunity at the groundbreaking ceremony to present a check for 10,000 euros to the Förderverein der Schule am Stromberg, an association that supports school projects focused on social interaction. Armin Pioch (mayor of Illingen), Frank Lehmann, a representative of the beverage manufacturer Ensinger, the former owner of the property, and Hans Seckler from Prologis addressed the guests.

“With its location in the Rhine-Neckar region, Illingen is a site with great potential, which is why we are confident we will quickly find a tenant for this state-of-the-art facility,” said Hans Seckler, director capital deployment at Prologis. “With the new building, we are not only creating jobs in the region, but also paving the way for more sustainable and future-proof logistics.”

Focus on sustainability

Prologis Park Illingen DC1 is being built on a 25,000 square meter undeveloped site. As an all-electric building, the facility will be powered without the use of fossil fuels and be equipped with heat pumps and electric charging stations. Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof, and the facility will be equipped with hybrid doors, allowing both trucks and vans to dock for loading and unloading. Prologis aims to attain a gold certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council. “Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand in the construction of Prologis Park Illingen,” said Hans Seckler. “With this facility, we are setting an example for environmentally friendly energy supply and innovative logistics solutions.” 

Confidence in the region

Prologis will develop another building with 10.500 square meters as a brownfield project on a second section of approximately 20,000 square meters on the same site. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of the second quarter of 2024. “With its decision to develop both buildings speculatively, Prologis is underscoring its confidence in the economic strength of our region, which we are very pleased about,” says Armin Pioch.

Prologis Groundbreaking Illingen April 2024
Mit dem Spatenstich starteten offiziell die Bauarbeiten für die nachhaltige Logistikimmobilie von Prologis in Illingen: (v.l.) Nicoline Dechamps (Prologis), Hans Seckler (Prologis), Armin Pioch (Bürgermeister der Gemeinde Illingen), Frank Lehmann (Ensinger) und Juri Müller (Goldbeck).
Prologis Donation Illingen April 2024
Beim Spatenstich in Illingen übergab Prologis dem Förderverein der Schule am Stromberg einen Spendenscheck: (v.l.) Hans Seckler (Prologis) mit Jörg Schmid, Claudia Schwarz und Ewald Pechler vom Förderverein.


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