Berlin combines traditional industry with a spirit of innovation and is establishing itself as a unique center for industry and start-ups in the heart of Europe.

20 billion euros were turned over in the manufacturing sector in 2020. Leading the field is the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, which, along with the metal and electrical industries as well as mechanical and automotive engineering, is also one of Berlin's highest-employment industries.

The German capital's transportation infrastructure is among the most efficient in Europe. The western and southern ports enable the transshipment of goods between waterways as well as highway and rail networks. The latter is essential for the European East-West corridor and, together with the BER airport, makes Berlin a hub for international long-distance traffic.

Measurable advantages of the location, such as the high purchasing power generated by tourism and the comparatively high GDP, as well as the magic of a new "Silicon Valley" make the city attractive for a wide variety of business sectors.

With a take-up of 609,000 square meters in 2021, the logistics and warehouse space market sets a new record, exceeding the ten-year average. Although e-commerce companies dominate it, demand is not based on a few large leases. Smaller-scale space is preferred by last-mile logistics providers, for example.

In Berlin, new products and manufacturing methods are developed, tested and introduced in new structures. Accordingly, companies also place high demands on their real estate, which must be sustainable and future-proof.

Since 2021, Prologis has been operating and leasing seven logistics facilities in Berlin, offering its clients exclusive access to the German capital's thriving market.

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