Warehouse Space in Pulheim

Prologis Park Pulheim
Prologis Park Pulheim

Prologis Park Pulheim

Pulheim, Germany

Im Nordwesten von Köln, unmittelbar an den Autobahnen A57 und A1, liegt der Prologis Park Pulheim mit 26.000 Quadratmetern Logistikfläche. Die...

Pulheim Contact for Warehouse Space

Nicoline Dechamps MRICS
Director, Capital Deployment Germany
+49 (0) 211 542 310 63

What is warehouse space?

Warehouses space is a crucial but often overlooked component of the world’s logistics and distribution systems. Warehouses are the buildings located in Pulheim that goods pass through as they make their way from maker to markets. Whether auto parts manufacturers are shipping goods to stores, e-commerce companies are shipping packages to their millions of customers, or toy retailers are curating just the right variety of merchandise in advance of the holiday season in Pulheim, warehouse space is essential to the supply chain. Goods could not make their way from manufacturers to markets were it not for strategically located warehouses.

Where is warehouse space found?

Warehouse space can be found in and around major cities and population centers like Pulheim. Warehouse space is often constructed near major transportation arteries like seaports and railroad freight terminals. It’s common to find warehouse space where major interstate highways come together, so that trucks can move goods to end consumers efficiently.

What distinguishes good warehouse space in Pulheim?

Beyond strategic location, effective warehouse spaces have several key characteristics. They have many easily-accessible maximum-height dock doors for efficient pick-up and delivery of goods. They have sustainable features that improve operational economics for their occupiers. They are designed for resilience to improve performance in the event of a weather-related event or natural disaster. Warehouse spaces in Pulheim are often equipped with efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems. Many warehouses even have rooftop solar panels to produce clean, renewable energy.

What role does warehouse space play in e-commerce in Pulheim?

Increasingly, companies are locating their warehouse spaces in cities and near other large population centers. Smaller warehouses in more densely populated areas serve a somewhat different function than larger spaces located in more remote areas. Often, the role of an infill warehouse is to facilitate last touch delivery. As consumers increasingly expect same day and next day delivery, and as e-commerce gains market share, more companies are seeking spaces closer to population centers in Pulheim.


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Prologis Portfolio of Warehouse Space in Pulheim

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