Wayne Porter of UK Customer Solutions: Providing an Extra Level of Service
Prologis Employee Wayne Porter

Wayne Porter

Property Manager

Wayne Porter, a Prologis property manager in the UK since 2007, takes great pride in providing excellent service and anticipating customers’ needs. He works hard to save them time and money and ensure that their experience with Prologis is totally satisfactory.

Wayne remembers one particular service opportunity: “The contractor who was cleaning external cladding on one of our buildings at Prologis Park Coventry noticed some cut edge corrosion on the roof. The contractor quoted our customer £90,000 for repairs. When I learned of the situation, I asked our customer to wait until I had spoken with the original supplier of the building’s roof. As it turns out, the cut edge corrosion fell under warranty, and our supplier completed the required work free of charge. We saved our customer £90,000.”

“My job is UK customer solutions,” says Wayne. “This means that I work with each of our customers to help them to look after their buildings in compliance with their lease terms. I am also the intermediary between my customers and the rest of the UK team. So if a customer needs a building alteration, a lease renewal or even a new building, they get in touch with me and I bring in the best people to help them. I am their single point of contact, which makes building management and maintenance streamlined and their lives easier.” Wayne’s property management role compliments the UK’s Global Customer Solutions (GCS) team: “Our GCS team works with decision-makers in international companies. In parallel, I deal with warehouse managers and estates teams. My role is particularly important for companies that are new to this market and those that are less familiar with UK leases. For them, it is helpful to have someone like me on the ground to help them understand what is required, what to do and how to do it.”

Prologis’ scale provides Wayne access to a wide range of resources so that he can ensure excellent customer service. “One of the benefits of being a global company,” Wayne explains, “is that we can learn from our colleagues in other countries and share best practices. I recently spent time with the property management team in Italy, and then my colleague in Bologna spent time here. We operate using the same standards and procedures, so there was much that was familiar, but there were also some interesting differences, particularly in the way we work with our customers. Each of us learned from the best-practices of the other.”

Wayne is pleased to say, “Customers really value our approach, and I very much enjoy working with them.”



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