Kathrin Grunert, Director, Real Estate & Customer Experience Lead Northern Europe at Prologis: Focus on Sustainability
Kathrin Grunert, Director, Real Estate & Customer Experience Lead Northern Europe, Prologis

Kathrin Grunert

Director, Real Estate & Customer Experience Lead Northern Europe

Kathrin Grunert has over 20 years of experience in the real estate sector. She joined Prologis as a property manager in 2014 and has been in charge of the company’s portfolio in the Cologne region ever since. In 2020 she has taken over the role of director, real estate & customer experience lead Northern Europe.

Opportunities for Future Talents

One important element of her work is training future property managers. “Prologis gives young people the opportunity to find a foothold in a modern, international company during their studies and be an important part of the team,” says Grunert. “Prologis is focused on sustainability and has high standards with regard to the treatment of employees, its working environment and the development of every individual. Additionally, environmental protection, resource conservation, and the long-term retention and continuous optimization of its property portfolio are key elements of its corporate culture.”

As a mother of two children, Grunert feels comfortable at Prologis: “The philosophy of sustainability at Prologis involves a healthy work-life balance and a means of reconciling family and profession,” she says. “I work part time, so I can devote myself to both. Prologis has given me a great deal of support. My workplace is split into an office, a home office and appointments at the logistics facilities for which I am responsible.”

High Quality Standards

Regular property inspections and meetings with tenants are some of her most important duties. “To satisfy the customer is the greatest responsibility of a property manager,” she emphasizes. “Onsite visits are a key component of our work. This is the only way to ensure that our facilities are in impeccable condition.”

At Prologis, property management teams are involved in the development process for a logistics facility from the outset and advise project managers to ensure a smooth, sustainable operations for the future tenant. “But the main part of our work begins after the facility becomes operational,” Grunert explains. “This includes repair work and modernization, as well as maintenance measures. It is often a challenge to carry these out during ongoing operations. In this regard, it is a question of impeding the processes of the tenant as little as possible.”

Prologis’ high standards of quality and performance also apply to existing logistics facilities that the company adds to its portfolio. “Tenants of acquired properties are often initially guarded toward a new landlord,” says Grunert. “However, we frequently receive highly positive feedback from these new customers. We monitor the measures we implement in the properties closely and improve our processes during ongoing operations frequently. Tenants take note of these optimizations. This enables us to meet the quality standards of our customers and often even exceed expectations.”

New Tasks Every Day

Her position as a property manager in an international company gives Grunert the opportunity to talk to colleagues all over the world in order to find best practices and the right service providers. “My job provides me with a lot of variation and an interesting new task every day,” she says. “I am able to fall back on extensive expertise and the right resources. Prologis gives its property managers the option of making sound investments in order to guarantee that our properties are of the highest standard. That motivates me to do my best all the time.”



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