The Opportunity

The city of Hanover, Germany, and Prologis had the opportunity to work together. Hanover is an important logistics location and a central transport hub in northern Germany and also well situated for the distribution of goods within Europe and worldwide. For Prologis’ customers, the location in the immediate vicinity of Hanover-Langenhagen Airport is compelling. A property available in Hanover allowed Prologis to develop a logistics park that is attractive to many industries. In turn, the city of Hanover benefits from a financially sound investor that created a workplace for many people.

The Challenge

Prologis faced some challenges during the development of a logistics park directly next to the runway of Hanover-Langenhagen Airport. Among other things, Prologis had to take the airport’s radar technology into account during planning.


The challenge of being so close to the airport was solved with the help of an expert report from Airbus in consultation with international and national air traffic control authorities. To prevent any interference with the radar frequencies used by the airport, the walls of the logistics facility had to be built at a slight angle to allow radar waves to travel freely.

Prologis’ activities in Hanover benefit the city and its citizens. As a result of building the Hanover-Langenhagen Logistics Park, Prologis created a workplace for around 2,500 people in the region. To achieve this, Prologis worked closely with the city of Langenhagen and the Hanover region’s business development agency.

Prologis Park Hanover-Langenhagen is zoned for logistics activities and permits operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes the location particularly attractive for logistics service providers, industrial companies, and retail and e-commerce companies.

Lessons Learned

In Hanover, Prologis proved that investing in a location over the long term pays off. Prologis’ activities in the city helped establish Hanover as an important logistics location. In addition, Prologis created a new workplace for many people.


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