Construction of a logistics park directly adjacent to Germany’s Hanover-Langenhagen Airport’s runway involves unique requirements. To ensure the project progresses smoothly, Prologis is relying on the help of BeMo Tunneling. “We have collaborated successfully with the experts from BeMo Tunneling several times in the past,” says Stefan Olesch, director project management. “The proximity to the airport makes the project in Hanover a real challenge, but one that we are happy to tackle together with BeMo.”

The site can be reached easily by air and road, which is a tremendous advantage for customers, but the location requires extra diligence. During speculative development of the logistics property, the airport operator stipulated strict security measures. As a result, BeMo Tunneling carried out crane and aboveground work in close coordination with airport security to ensure air travel wasn’t affected. In this context, careful planning guarantees construction proceeds smoothly.

The architectural plans also had to be specially adapted to the location next to the runway. The side of the building facing the airport will be constructed at a slight angle to minimize impact on the airport’s radar systems. The slant allows radar waves to travel freely. “This is obviously an unusual measure that we have not done before,” says Stefan Olesch. “First, we consulted with several different experts. We then developed this solution together with BeMo Tunneling on the basis of a radar signature report.”

In addition to flight safety, wildlife conservation is also an important aspect of the project in Hanover-Langenhagen. To avoid undue stress on native animal and plant species during the complex drainage work and entire construction process, BeMo Tunneling consulted with authorities and developed an approach to mitigate environmental impact.


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