The millions of BMW and MINI automobiles and motorcycles on roads worldwide are built from approximately 300,000 different parts or item numbers. Replacements and accessories that are rarely requested have long storage periods, but they need to be distributed quickly when demanded. For these parts, BMW required a build-to-suit distribution center with sufficient space and a good connection to the road network in close proximity to its headquarters in Munich.

BMW was looking for a logistics facility with far more than 100,000 square meters. The Munich area is one of the most important logistics hot spots in Europe, but it suffers from a severe scarcity of space. A large enough plot of land to fit such a facility is almost impossible to find.

BMW turned to Prologis, which has developed several high-quality logistics facilities for the automaker around the world. Accepting the challenge, Prologis was able to find two adjacent plots of land that had a combined size of about 248,000 square meters—big enough for the logistics facility. Successful collaboration with local municipalities enabled Prologis to start construction in June 2015.BMW and Prologis celebrated the opening of the spare part distribution center with 144,000 square meters in July 2016.

The total logistics area comprises 118,000 square meters of distribution space, an additional warehouse with 20,500 square meters and a 5,500-square-meter administrative building.


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