Using brownfield sites for logistics properties is a sustainable choice because it doesn’t require disturbing undeveloped land, but the revitalization process can be costly. We can only assess the extent of a property’s contamination completely during excavation work. In order to be able to react to unforeseen challenges in the best possible way, Prologis is working closely with two construction companies on a Prologis park in Pulheim, Germany. Riehm & Sohn is heading up excavation work, while Köster is responsible for the turnkey construction of the building.

Prologis, Riehm & Sohn, and Köster meet at the site for weekly meetings to ensure that all excavation and construction activities proceed smoothly. “We view these meetings as the basis of a successful relationship,” says Markus Scheja, vice president, head of project management Germany. “They ensure we are all on the same page, and this direct communication gives us the ability to rapidly find solutions, even to unforeseen challenges.”

Riehm & Sohn uses special equipment to clear contaminated sites and accomplish challenging excavation work. The brownfield site is being prepared by using concrete breakers and deep crushers. Groundwater is also being monitored carefully to reduce environmental impact. “Riehm & Sohn is an undisputed expert when it comes to this type of work. Because the company is based in the region, the teams not only know the local conditions, but also have short distances to the construction site,” says Scheja.

Köster has been contracted to build a state-of-the-art, 24,000 square meter logistics facility on the revitalized site in Pulheim. Prologis designed the new building with a focus on sustainability and is aiming for gold certification from the German Sustainable Building Council. Köster is known for its process-driven approach, which ensures efficient construction and adherence to a schedule. “The key factor here is the general contractors’ expertise and performance,” says Scheja. “The success of the construction project in Pulheim depends on all parties working together effectively. And thanks to the proactive planning by all of those involved, the project is perfectly on schedule.”


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