As a long-term owner and operator of logistics real estate, Prologis recently contracted new providers of facility management services for many of its logistics buildings in Germany. Prologis requested bids last year for management of a large share of its portfolio: 44 facilities totaling approximately 879,500 square meters. During negotiations, DBK Gebäudemanagement was the only existing partner to qualify as a continued provider of services as it expanded its portfolio with Prologis.

Prologis has worked with DBK Gebäudemanagement for many years. In early 2019, synexs became a new provider, and Sauter FM has begun facility management services at Prologis properties in July 2019. DBK Gebäudemanagement is responsible for Prologis’ logistics facilities in northern and western Germany. Since January 2019, the team has also covered part of the southern portfolio—Heilbronn, Malsch, Grolsheim, Munich-Garching, Augsburg and Muggensturm—and now shares the western region with synexs. Sauter FM will be responsible for part of the southern portfolio with Prologis’ buildings in Manching, Munich-Ost, Munich-Neufahrn and Neustadt.

“Having worked closely with DBK Gebäudemanagement for many years, we are now delighted to have gained two new strong partners, synexs and Sauter FM, for our properties in western and southern Germany,” said Sven Böhnke, director, head of property management, Prologis Germany. “Our portfolio is growing steadily. This constantly creates new challenges for us, challenges we look forward to meeting with our partners as we all strive to continuously achieve maximum quality.”

These facility management service partners are responsible for providing reliable and comprehensive maintenance at Prologis logistics facilities. “Our contractual partners are always available to provide us and our tenants expert assistance in all technical matters,” said Sven Böhnke. “As a facility management solution provider, Ambrosia FM Consulting & Services advised us during the process of awarding the new contracts. The company coordinated the bidding and awarding process and Ambrosia also ensured that the new service providers got off to an excellent start.”

All in all, Prologis’ in-house property management team and facility management partners manage 95 Prologis properties, totaling more than 2.2 million square meters.


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