Prologis has worked on numerous projects with Goldbeck International for many years. A solid business relationship is important to ensure that everything runs smoothly onsite during construction. “Goldbeck is an expert partner that knows and understands the needs of our customers just as well as we do,” says Ferhad Siteki, project manager Germany. “Our working relationship is very constructive. Reliability is a key factor in the development of logistics properties.”

A major project that Prologis and Goldbeck International are working on together is the development of the carbon-neutral logistics center Muggensturm DC2 for L’Oréal near Karlsruhe, Germany. Prologis meets with Goldbeck International’s project management team on a weekly basis and holds regular meetings with representatives from L’Oréal. “We also have technical experts onsite who keep an eye on every step of the development process and promptly update us,” says Siteki.

Goldbeck, which is responsible for all of the subcontractors on the project, is organized decentrally and works together with strong regional partners. As a result, the company is familiar with the special conditions onsite and is a short distance from the project, customer and subcontractors. In addition, the special design with prefabricated elements from Goldbeck’s own production ensures high-quality and fast construction times consistently.

The development in Muggensturm poses a number of challenges, particularly when it comes to implementation of the carbon-neutral concept, as well as wildlife and environmental protection. Prologis is taking a considerable number of measures in close coordination with Goldbeck and the responsible authorities to meet stringent requirements, which include vegetated replacement habitat for skylarks and the installation of around 7,400 solar panels on the roof of the logistics center.

"We work closely with different experts on all of these measures,” says Siteki. "And we regularly report to the local nature conservation authority on their progress.” Goldbeck Solar, a company affiliated with Goldbeck, will carry out installation of the photovoltaic system.

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