Prologis Research today released a report that examines the pandemic’s profound and lasting effect on the logistics real estate landscape.

Titled “Forever Altered: The Future of Logistics Real Estate Demand,” the report breaks down the collective influence of the pandemic on how we live, work and shop. The report also aims to separate the temporary volatility of human and company behavior during the pandemic from the lasting forces that will continue to drive future supply chains. Overall, according to the report, supply chain decisions have become more holistic, more data-driven and more urgent than ever.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • The long-term structural growth rate of logistics real estate has risen.
  • Technology and demographics are transforming retail.
  • Logistics best practices are going global.
  • Location matters more than ever for logistics real estate customers.
  • The price elasticity of demand has decreased.

Read the full paper

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