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Take a WELL Walk

Experience our facility in Prologis Park Datteln that was built according to the WELL Building Standard. You can explore the building on our virtual reality tour. The tour provides many facts about the facility and the WELL Building Standard.



Prologis Park Datteln WELL Building

WELL Certificate Gold

Adapting the WELL Building Standard to logistics buildings places a focus on pleasant and healthy work environments. The complex Gold-level certification process takes time and effort. All the WELL preconditions and 40 percent or more of the optimization features have to be met to achieve the Gold-level certification.

Authorized WELL assessors spend several days onsite to evaluate a building while the facility already is in full operation. This stringent performance-based assessment is what makes the IWBI certification a true seal of quality.

Project Overview

In September 2020, Prologis completed a 27,800 square meter distribution center in Datteln, Germany. Developed speculatively and in accordance with the WELL Building Gold Standard, the facility was fully leased before completion. Through a harmonious and health-promoting work environment, we add value for our customers' employees—their most important resource.


Datteln is close to the A2 motorway, and the Castrop-Rauxel motorway entrance ramp is less than 4 kilometers from the distribution center. Datteln also has a rail connection, and Dortmund Airport is only 32 kilometers from the facility. With its location in the northern Ruhr area, Prologis Park Datteln is in the immediate vicinity of numerous conurbations with many qualified employees.

Prologis Park Datteln WELL Building - Location
Technical Highlights

The air and water quality in the facility is monitored continuously. The building offers a "living zone" with a special lighting and ventilation for employees. There are a total of six monitors throughout the building that provide information about air and water quality, indoor and outdoor climate, electricity and gas consumption, and public transport departure times.

Prologis Park Datteln WELL Building Highlights

Whereas building rating systems such as BREEAM assess the environmental performance of buildings, the WELL Building Standard focuses on building design and management that enhances employee health and quality of life in the work environment. Incorporating health and well-being into building design is an example of Prologis’ long-term focus and innovative approach to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance—and of how these factors are integrated fully into our business strategy.

Prologis Park Datteln WELL Building

Focusing on the well-being of employees inside warehouses aligns with our sustainability and business objectives, as well as our ambitions to raise the standards for logistics buildings.

Shifting toward a more human-centric approach leads to insights that give Prologis buildings an extra competitive edge.

Prologis Park Datteln WELL Building - Well-being
Entry Prologis Park Datteln WELL Building

What Features Does the Property Offer?

In the facility at Prologis Park Datteln, the air and water quality is monitored constantly. Several dispensers in the hall ensure employees easy access to drinking water, and offices and meeting rooms are equipped with high-quality sound insulation. Employees can use six monitors throughout the building to find information about air and water quality, indoor and outdoor climate, electricity and gas consumption, public transport departure times and more.

Prologis created a "living zone" with special lighting and ventilation. This area—along with indoor and outdoor vegetation, as well as art inside the facility—create a pleasant environment for employees. The outdoor areas were designed for both beauty and functionality with, for example, a sitting area, herb bed and bicycle repair station.

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What is the WELL Building Standard?

The WELL Building Standard focuses on seven human-oriented categories of building performance: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.


Thanks to impressive drone pictures, you can view the new facility in Datteln from the outside and inside. Get to know the building from all sides and take a look at the numerous features that contribute to the well-being of the employees.
Sustainability for the people and the environment: The logistics facility in Datteln meets both the WELL Building Standard and the requirements for the DGNB Gold Certification. You can follow the construction work in fast motion and learn more about this special building.


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