Facts About the Logistics Center at Muggensturm

  • 16,000 cubic meters of concrete

The Project

In January 2018, Prologis acquired a 18-hectare site in Muggensturm, near Karlsruhe, Germany. Construction work began in February 2018. In March 2019 completed, the carbon-neutral logistics center offers around 101,000 square meters of logistics space. In order to achieve carbon neutral operation of this facility, the overall difference between emissions and carbon offsets must equal zero. This can be achieved by various measures such as photovoltaic systems, efficient lighting, and increased insulation.


In close collaboration with the municipality, Prologis converted former agricultural areas in Muggensturm into an industrial park. The site is located directly off the A5 highway. As a result, the logistics facility is well connected to the local transport infrastructure and easily accessible by public transportation.

Use by L'Oréal

The new site will be used by the cosmetics manufacturer L'Oréal and be L'Oréal Group’s largest distribution center worldwide, increasing the capacity of the company’s existing distribution facility in Karlsruhe by 50 percent. All employees from the old location will continue to have employment at the new logistics center and L'Oréal will supply its markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Muggensturm.


The carbon-neutral logistics center is being developed with a focus on sustainability. Prologis is equipping the facility with reinforced insulation and a 2.0-megawatt peak photovoltaic system, among other features, such as renewable energy generated from wind turbines. Rainwater will be used to irrigate the green spaces and clean the halls.

Wildlife Protection

Before Prologis received the building permit for the logistics facility in Muggensturm, we defined and implemented detailed wildlife protection measures, replacing habitats for reptiles and amphibians, such as natterjack toads, in the rainwater collection basins and green spaces. In addition, we are installing vegetated replacement habitat for skylarks on the roof.

What's in the Box?

For L'Oréal, Prologis developed the largest logistics center of the cosmetics manufacturer worldwide. With more than 100,000 square meters of space, the facility offers extensive storage areas for a wide variety of products.

Watch our video to see what happens behind the scenes of the carbon-neutral logistics center in Muggensturm near Karlsruhe. Be amazed by the staggering number of different articles that are stored inside and how many pallets there is room for. Find out how many products leave the logistics center each year and which countries they are transported to.

Logix Award 2019

Carbon Neutral Facility Wins the 2019 Logix Award

Prologis’ sustainability flagship project, the carbon neutral logistics facility for L'Oréal in Muggensturm, has won the 2019 Logix Award. The award was presented at  EXPO Real in Munich on October 7 – Europe's largest trade fair for real estate and investments. Every two years, the Logistics Real Estate Initiative (Logix) honors an outstanding logistics real estate development in Germany with this prestigious award. Since 2013, an independent jury of scientists, architects, practitioners as well as representatives of the media and associations carefully choose the winner of the Logix Award with regard to highly demanding criteria. The participating projects are examined and evaluated from an urban development, economic, ecological and social point of view.

A Bird’s Eye View of the Facility

In February 2018, Prologis began construction work on the 18-hectare site in Muggensturm. Our videos offer an initial impression of the site and the construction work.

Learn more about the project in Muggensturm and the challenges of building the logistics center for L'Oréal.

Watch the development of the carbon-neutral logistics center for L'Oréal in fast motion.


Sustainability: New Habitat for Skylarks

Prologis takes wildlife protection seriously. We are building vegetated habitat for skylarks on the roof of L’Oréal's new logistics center, which will give the birds a home as a replacement for the old habitat and space to breed on an area about the size of three soccer fields. During construction and until the grass on the roof has grown tall enough, the surrounding fields will be used as replacement habitat with “skylark windows.” To do this, Prologis has signed an agreement with farmers for a three-year transitional period during which the farmers will keep empty spaces in the middle of their fields where the birds can land, breed and find food safely.


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