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Stay ahead of what’s next with a clear picture of what’s happening in our industry. We take care to track, monitor and analyze the trends that shape our sector, and for good reason – to make sure that our customers can take informed business decisions in the markets that they operate in. Find out more from industry insiders on what’s on the horizon at our exclusive logistics insight panel.

Logistics in Europe: Getting Ready for the Next Phase

October 7, 12:00 - 12:45

About this panel

Our sector is undergoing a transformative change and a new phase of growth is just ahead. Innovation drives the market forward, while secular drivers, like undersupplied markets and urbanization are firmly here to stay. Behind us, cap rate compression was what mostly fueled value growth, but it will increasingly be rent growth driving performance in the future. As the institutionalization of our sector continues, key questions will undoubtedly arise:

  • How do you future proof solutions that address customer pain points?
  • Where does market section matter?
  • How will innovations around sustainability and automation change the market?
  • Can the market absorb a potential correction?

We look forward to a fast-paced and interactive exchange by our panel experts. Dirk Sosef, head of research and strategy, Prologis Europe will moderate this session and offer a contextual window on the industry trends which shape each topic. Our panel guests are:


Prologis Panel Discussion

Monday, October 7,
12:00 - 12:45

Messe Munich
Discussion & Networking
Hall A1, 250


Dirk Sosef, Vice President, Research & Strategy Europe, Prologis

Dirk Sosef, head of research and strategy, Prologis Europe