Where are Logisticgs Facilities Available?

Prologis Park Kerpen, Kerpen, Germany

Prologis Park Kerpen

Kerpen, Germany

Unit 4 in Prologis Park Kerpen DC1 offers about 9,700 sqm of immediately available high-quality logistics space.

Prologis Park Pulheim, Germany

Prologis Park Pulheim

Pulheim, Germany

Prologis is planning a new logistics park directly adjacent to the A57 and A1 motorways in northwestern Cologne. Around 24,000 sqm of logistics space...

Prologis Park Hanover-Langenhagen DC4

Prologis Park Hanover DC4

Langenhagen, Germany

Prologis Park Hanover-Langenhagen features around 120,000 sqm of logistics space and corresponding office space. 4,584 sqm in unit 1 are immediately...

Prologis Park Hamburg-Altenwerder DC1

Prologis Park Hamburg-Altenwerder DC1

Hamburg, Germany

Prologis Park Hamburg-Altenwerder is in the heart of one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. Its proximity to the important north-south...

Hamburg Steinwerder DC2

Prologis Park Hamburg-Steinwerder DC2

Hamburg, Germany

In the heart of Hamburg, Germany, one of Europe’s strongest economic regions, Prologis Park Hamburg-Steinwerder offers a total of 40,934 SQM of prime...

Prologis Park Augsburg

Prologis Park Augsburg

Augsburg, Germany

Prologis Park Augsburg is a logistics hub near Munich where several facilities will be available soon.

Prologis Park Hanover, Hanover, Germany

Prologis Park Hanover DC3

Langenhagen, Germany

Prologis Park Hanover-Langenhagen offers around 120,000 sqm of logistics space. A unit with approx. 6,750 sqm of this prime logistics space is...

Which New Build-to-Suit Projects is Prologis Planning?

Prologis Park Cologne-Niehl

Prologis Park Cologne-Niehl

Cologne, Germany

Prologis has around 110,000 sqm of undeveloped land in Cologne-Niehl that can accommodate approximately 62,000 sqm logistics facility for one or more...

Prologis Park Dortmund, Deutschland

Prologis Park Dortmund

Dortmund, Germany

Prologis plans to develop an 80,000 sqm logistics park with three facilities on the former site of Westfalenhütte in Dortmund. Construction on the 160...

Prologis Park Bremen DC3

Prologis Park Bremen DC3

Bremen, Germany

Two units totaling approximately 17,000 SQM of high-quality built-to-suit logistics space will be available in October 2020 at Prologis Park Bremen...

Prologis Park Hünxe, Hünxe, Germany

Prologis Park Hünxe

Hünxe, Germany

Prologis Park Hünxe comprises around 65,500 sqm of logistics space. Prologis can develop an additional facility with 10,300 sqm on short notice.

Does Prolologis Also Offer Office Space for Lease?

Office space in Prologis Park Düsseldorf

Office Space in Prologis Park Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany

An office space of approximately 603 SQM is available at Prologis Park Düsseldorf on the first floor of Distribution Center 1.