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Which role do the work environment in a logistics facility and transport connections play for a region? How can logistics real estate developers support local education and community commitment? Which initiatives can logistics real estate developers realize to make logistics facilities an even more attractive workplace? Dirk Sosef, vice president research and strategy, Prologis Europe, will discuss the challenges of the logistics labour market with different target groups and shows strategies to source and retain qualified employees in the long term. The discussion will take place on June 4 at 15:00 at the Prologis booth in hall B5, booth 307.

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Augmented Reality—Logistics Properties from a Completely New Perspective

HoloView, Prologis’ augmented reality experience tool, allows our experts to show you an overview of the entire European logistics real estate market. Explore our speculatively developed facilities using mixed reality technology, and learn about the various factors driving demand in the logistics real estate sector. Our guests can explore the content interactively.

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We invite you to our popular get-together. Join us for a casual gathering at booth 307 to close out the second day of the trade show and network and chat with colleagues from around the industry. We will provide a selection of freshly prepared cocktails and finger foods, and you are welcome to bring your coworkers. We look forward to seeing you on June 5 at 4.00 p.m.

Four Strategies to Attract, Train and Retain Employees

In recent years, the field of human resources for logistics companies has posed greater challenges than ever before. Value-added services and increasingly complex activities at logistics facilities require qualified personnel. Prologis has monitored the developments in the job market closely and defined four tactics that logistics real estate owners can use to attract, train and retain employees. Watch our video to learn more.


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