For supply chains, the one constant is change.

Creating Jobs

As one of the largest economic industries in Germany, the logistics sector creates jobs. A customer survey conducted by Prologis revealed that new logistics facilities create five to six jobs per every 1,000 square meters of space. And this number is on the rise, especially when it comes to business-related jobs. On average, two to five times more people work in a logistics facility for the e-commerce industry than in a conventional warehouse. In the Hanover region, for example, our logistics park helped create and safeguard approximately 2,500 jobs.

These opportunities exist because there’s usually more than just a warehouse behind the walls of a logistics center. Logistics services are more complex than the activities of a shipping company. Logistics adds value: In the automotive sector, for example, it is common to pre-assemble vehicle parts at the logistics facility.

Another example of job creation is a property we developed in Kerpen for a service provider in the information technology sector. The company employs numerous specialists who configure products onsite at its logistics facility.

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Prologis Park München-Neufahrn Bird's Eye View

Cost Cuts for Municipalities

In order to best integrate a logistics property into a community, we invest in infrastructure where necessary. It is always our goal to reduce the environmental impact of trucks and other traffic. For example, we had a traffic circle built at our logistics park in Kerpen. In Muggensturm near Karlsruhe, we added additional access roads and canals.

We also focus increasingly on brownfield developments in order to avoid paving over undeveloped land. Land once used by industrial companies must be decontaminated, a costly measure that previous property owners often try to avoid. Municipalities benefit from brownfield development in three ways: Space is created for new jobs; old buildings are demolished; and properties are rehabilitated. As a result, Prologis creates much-needed space for logistics in a sustainable manner. Prologis has many years of experience revitalizing brownfield sites and the financial strength to implement complex projects.

Before we begin to develop a property, we check to see if protected animal species have settled onsite. If necessary, we initiate species protection measures and relocate the animals.

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Property Management - Long term commitment

Long-Term Commitment

We maintain a continuous dialogue with cities and communities. Listening, understanding and compromising are in our DNA. In this context, we put ourselves in the position of the community and the people who live there. This is the foundation of our projects and their implementation. Our goal is to be active at each location for the long term and integrate into each community smoothly.

As a forward-thinking company that develops its own portfolio, we have considerable interest in sustainable real estate. A logistics facility must be able to do more than the first tenant requires. Like municipalities, we have no interest in rotating tenants on a short-term basis. By selecting customers carefully and implementing logistics property concepts that meet the requirements of today and tomorrow, we maintain long-term relationships with our customers and the communities in which we operate.

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Case Studies

Bird's-Eye View Prologis Fokker Logistics Park
Prologis Fokker Logistics Park: Maximizing Proximity to the Airport

Prologis Fokker Logistics Park: Maximizing Proximity to the Airport

Development of Prologis Fokker Logistics Park at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport required extensive work to the property, which had previously been used...

Prologis Park Groß-Rohrheim
Lasting Partnerships Offer Growth Potential

Lasting Partnerships Offer Growth Potential

Continental's portfolio is continuously expanding — therefore the technology group urgently needed additional warehouse space for the Independent...

Prologis Park Hanover Rendering
Prologis Park Hanover—the Perfect Place for 2,500 Jobs

Prologis Park Hanover—the Perfect Place for 2,500 Jobs

Prologis has been active in Hanover, Germany, for over 10 years. During this time, we have created workplaces for approximately 2,500 employees in the...


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