Prologis Research Labour Whitepaper 2019

The Study

More than 150,000 people work under Prologis roofs in Europe, and their environment has never been more important. Warehouse labour insights in this paper are based on our more than 16 million square meters of portfolio. We had conversations with many of our approximately 700 unique customers in Europe and carried out two proprietary surveys.

One survey, a collaboration with Eyefortransport, explored industry perceptions about labour trends today and in the future. In this market survey, we polled warehouse users (206 respondents) from a range of sectors and markets. The second survey, conducted exclusively by Prologis, asked a selection of our customers (150 warehouse logistics real estate managers across Europe) about the shape of their labour pool. Both surveys were carried out between December 2018 and January 2019.

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Four Tactics to Source, Train and Retain Labour in Logistics Facilities

We identified four different approaches for how logistics real estate owners can help attract, train and retain labour forces:

Better Transport Connections

Time spent commuting needs to be efficient. Aside from traditional approaches—such as developing and expanding bike paths and bus shuttles—modern approaches—such as mobile apps to encourage employee car sharing—are a great alternative. Prologis completed a successful car-sharing pilot in the United Kingdom.

More and Higher-Quality Amenities

Amenities are key to attracting and retaining labour, particularly as qualifications increase. Addressing amenities can take shape in variety ways: providing access to a range of quality food, social and recreational areas (such as BBQ areas, coffee bars, gyms or playing fields) and offering supplemental support, such as child care and facilities for truck drivers (hotels, restaurants and showers).

Logistics Career, Community Commitment

Long-term initiatives improve the overall image of the logistics sector. Park newsletters and narrow casting screens aim to share the latest news about a logistics park with employees and bolster a sense of community and loyalty. Organized events, such as football tournaments for employees, improve team spirit. Internships for students studying logistics at bachelor and master levels signal a commitment to future generations.

Improvement of Building Characteristics

A burgeoning category to retain employees includes improving the work environment, much like office environments have seen over the past decade. The basic component for a pleasant and healthy workplace is comfort. Most investments are focused on the asset itself, including upgrades to lighting (specifically LED), improved ventilation and an increased focus on safety.

Access to a Qualified Labour Workforce

Job vacancies in the logistics sector are on the rise. The nature of work in logistics facilities is changing: Structural scarcity is driven by increasing levels of value-added services, and an aging workforce creates demographic challenges.


Learn more about the initiatives we’ve implemented in our logistics parks across Europe to make our facilities an even more attractive workplace. 

Find out how the nature of labour in logistics facilities is changing and which tactics logistics service providers can apply to attract and retain loyal employees.


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