Prologis Park Hamburg-Waltershof is located in the heart of one of Europe's strongest economic regions. The logistics park has a total of eight units with a total area of approximately 187,000 square meters. in Prologis Park Hamburg-Waltershof, Distribution Center 5 will be available. It offers an area of 10,342 square meters. The load capacity of the hall area is 50 kilonewtons per square meter.

The immediate proximity to the important A7 north-south motorway and the Port of Hamburg make the location a logistics hub in northern Germany.

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Hall Plan


Hallenplan Prologis Park Hamburg-Waltershof DC5
Warehouse: 8,802 sqm
Office: 591 sqm
Mezzanine: 949 sqm
Total: 10,342 sqm




  • Clear height: 9.75 meters
  • Prop grid: 30 x 24 meters
  • Fire alarm system: ESFR ceiling sprinklers
  • Floor load capacity: 50 kilonewtons per square meter
  • Ebenerdige Halleneinfahrten: 2
  • Loading docks (with dock levelers): 12
  • Heating: 12°C with gas-fired radiant tube heaters
    • Picking area 18°C
    • Storage area 7-10°C
  • Lighting: LED
    • Warehouse: 200 lux
    • Picking zone: 300 lux


  • Flooring

    • Office rooms: needle felt, suitable for wheeled chairs
    • Reception and social area: porcelain tile
    • Break, changing and side rooms: tiles
  • Lighting: LED
    • Office rooms: 500 lux
    • Foyer: 250 lux
    • Stairs, corridors, toilets: 100 lux
  • Heating: flat thermostat-controlled radiators

Exterior facilities:

  • Property fence: h = 2 m
  • Loading yards: concrete
  • Parking spaces for cars: 44
  • Parking spaces for trucks: 8
  • 24/7 use: yes
  • WGK capability: no

Bird's-Eye View


Prologis Park Hamburg-Waltershof DC5 Bird's Eye View

Prologis Park Hamburg-Waltershof is

  • 0.5 km from the nearest port terminal
  • 13 km from the city railway
  • 12 km from the nearest freight terminal
  • 14 km from the nearest ferry terminal
  • 9 km from the port of Hamburg:
  • 17 km from the city center
  • 21 km from Hamburg airport
  • close to the motorways A1, A7 and A261



Stefan Fesser
Leasing and Customer Experience Senior Manager
Tel.: +49 (0) 211 542 321 049
Mobile: +49 (0) 162 211 89 69
Email: [email protected]




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