Prologis has around 110,000 sqm of undeveloped land in Cologne-Niehl that can accommodate approximately 62,000 sqm logistics facility for one or more companies. Prologis aims to achieve gold certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DNGB) and will fit the entire facility with LED lighting. The plans permit this distribution center to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cologne-Niehl has direct access to numerous densely populated urban centers, making this location ideal for short-range logistics and access to a qualified workforce. With direct proximity to the A1, A3, A4 and A57 motorways, the site offers excellent connections to the Cologne Bonn region, Ruhr district and Benelux countries. The port of Niehl, the second-largest inland port in Germany, is only 6 kilometers away, and Cologne Bonn Airport is just 25 minutes from the facility.


Hall Plan

Prologis Park Cologne-Niehl Hall Plan
Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4
Hall: 8,474.1 sqm Hall: 8,469.8 sqm Hall: 9,909.8 sqm Hall: 9,909 sqm
Office: 344.6 sqm Office: 344.6 sqm Office: 430.5 sqm Office: 446.2 sqm
Mezzanine: 1,045.5 Mezzanine: 1,045.5 Mezzanine: 947.5 Mezzanine: 947
Total: 9,864.2 sqm Total: 9,859.9 sqm Total: 11,287.8 sqm Total: 11,302.2 sqm


Unit 5 Unit 6 Total
Hall: 8,469.8 sqm Hall: 8,474.1 sqm Hall: 53,706.6 sqm
Office: 350.3 sqm Office: 344.6 sqm Office: 2,260.8 sqm
Mezzanine: 1,045 Mezzanine: 1,045.5 Mezzanine: 6,076
Total: 9,865.1 sqm Total: 9,864.2 sqm Total: 62,043.3 sqm





  • Clear height: 12.2 meters 
  • Column spacing: 12 x 24 meters
  • Fire alarm system and ESFR ceiling sprinklers
  • Maximum floor load capacity: 75 kilonewton/square meter
  • Loading docks (with dock levelers): 1/680 sqaure meters
  • Hall entrances: 1/Unit
  • Heating: 17°C—gas-fired radiant tube heaters
  • Lighting: LED
    • Warehouse: 200 lux
    • Picking zone: 300 lux
  • DGNB certification


  • Flooring:
    • Office rooms: needle fleece, suitable for wheeled office chairs
    • Reception and social area: porcelain tile
    • Break, changing and side rooms: linoleum
  • Lighting: LED
    • Office rooms: 500 lux
    • Foyer: 250 lux
    • Stairs, corridors, toilets: 100 lux
  • Heating: flat thermostat-controlled radiators


Bird's-Eye View

Prologis Park Cologne-Niehl Bird's Eye View

Prologis Park Cologne-Niehl is

  • 24 kilometers from the nearest airport
  • 0,5 kilometers from the nearest container terminal
  • 6 kilometers from the nearest port
  • close to the A1, A2 and A44 motorways



Philipp Feige MRICS, VP, Market Officer Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)211 542 310 36
Mobile: + 49 (0) 172 7486812
Email: [email protected]



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