Frankfurt am Main is a vital international financial center and a European traffic hub. It is an important industrial, service and exhibition location and listed among the world cities under economic criteria. With a population of 730,000, Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in the state Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany. In addition, the city is the center of the metropolitan area of ​​Frankfurt/Rhine-Main with about 5.5 million inhabitants.

Because of its central location, Frankfurt am Main is one of the most important traffic points in Europe. The main railway station is a central railway junction, and the Frankfurter Kreuz is the most frequented road junction in Germany. Frankfurt am Main Airport is one of the largest international airports in the world and is Europe’s leading airport for cargo.  Because of airport-related activity and the presence of a number of large international companies, Frankfurt am Main is an important link in the European supply chain.

The European Central Bank, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and numerous other financial institutions are located in Frankfurt. Additionally, there are several German and European centers of foreign automobile groups. The largest economic sector is the provision of financial and insurance services, which employs around 74,700 people.

Prologis operates numerous industrial properties and warehouses in the Frankfurt am Main region.


Rhein-Main Prologis location Frankfurt Germany

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Prologis Park Martinszehnten near Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Martinszehnten DC1

Martinszehnten DC1

Frankfurt, Germany

Prologis Park Martinszehnten near Frankfurt is well-connected to all major cities in Europe. Today, 8,971 square meters of prime logistics space is...

Peine, Germany, logistics


Peine, Germany

This 282,000 SF (26,200 SQM) warehouse, built in 2015, has “Gold” certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Approximately 30...

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