Revitalization to Counter a Scarcity of Suitable Land

Logistics is indispensable when it comes to supplying people with their daily necessities, and logistics in close proximity to consumers helps avoid unnecessary traffic and ensure the flow of goods. As the logistics sector grows, the demand for quality logistics facilities increases, but in some regions—such as Hamburg, Rhine-Ruhr, Rhine-Main and Munich—suitable land is limited, especially when businesses in the e-commerce sector require facilities in excess of 20,000 square meters.

Revitalizing brownfields is often the only way to build modern logistics facilities in the right locations. At the same time, using industrial wasteland is a sustainable solution that conserves resources. Consequently, in the era of booming e-commerce and the related demand for logistics facilities, we are focused on revitalizing former industrial sites. In addition, we evaluate whether we can convert existing properties and whether they meet our requirements for the logistics buildings of the future after the conversion measures. In order to identify suitable brownfields and existing properties with potential, we look at locations from a completely different perspective. We follow our vision of sustainability not only in Germany, but worldwide with our expertise and local knowledge about brownfield development.

Prologis Park Moissy

We Enable Growth

As a leading developer of logistics facilities, Prologis owns many million square meters of warehouse space worldwide. Our facilities are almost at full capacity, thanks to loyal customers who extend their leases and expand into coveted logistics hot spots. With brownfield development projects, we can provide our customers with high-quality facilities situated at important hubs. These areas have access to a qualified workforce and a well-developed infrastructure that allows for short-range processes.

Prologis Brownfield Development Dortmund

A Sustainable Solution

Land is scarce and valuable, especially in metropolitan areas, and awareness about the environment and its limited resources is on the rise in both society and business. As a result, attention is shifting toward sustainable logistics facilities that conserve resources. By developing brownfield sites, Prologis is breathing new life into unused industrial areas and creating space for logistics, jobs and regional supplies. Brownfield sites allow us to develop in a sustainable manner that does not seal new soil and allows critical land needed for residential purposes and green space to be left alone.

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We Know the Ideal Location

Our in-house research team carries out sound analyses of current developments, such as changing supply chains or the rapid growth of e-commerce and its effects on the logistics sector. We know what locations are particularly sought after and which will experience strong development during the growth of the European logistics market.

Our top locations analysis shows five key factors are crucial in the choice of a site: proximity to major consumption centers, regulatory environments, labor availability, transportation infrastructure and total costs.