Belt and Road

More than 2000 years ago, the Silk Road linked eastern China with the Mediterranean in the ancient world’s longest and most storied overland trade route. Today, a confident China is constructing the 21st century equivalent, designed to ensure the efficient movement of goods between east and west.

The Belt and Road initiative (One Belt, One Road or OBOR) isn’t a single project. Rather, it’s a comprehensive strategy to make the global supply chain more efficient. Robust maritime routes will connect China with Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. Direct rail will link China and Russia to the Middle East and Western Europe. Rail moves goods far more cheaply than by air and is twice as fast as shipping containers by sea. In January 2017, the first China-UK freight train arrived in London, covering 7,500 miles in 18 days from Yiwu in eastern China.

The projects that together comprise belt and road – railroads, roads, tunnels, terminals, ports plus power plants and pipelines in 60+ countries – have the potential to turbocharge already robust trade between China and the EU. Beyond facilitating trade, belt and road will spur development and investment all along its route.

Prologis, the world’s largest owner and operator of industrial real estate with logistics facilities adjacent to key railway and shipping nodes in both Europe and China, will play a vital role in facilitating the flow of goods along belt and road. In important logistics markets as disparate as Wuhan and Xi’an China, the Rhine-Ruhr area in Germany and the Midlands in the UK, Prologis offers state-of-the-art logistics facilities with easy access to the Belt and Road infrastructure

Belt and Road Route

Rail Connected Logistics Space

Data as of September 30, 2017 for assets the company owned or had investments in, on a wholly owned basis or through co-investment ventures, properties and development projects.

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