Marcel Schultze, senior property manager for Northern Germany: Supporting the Tenants

Marcel Schultze, Senior Property Manager, Northern Germany

Marcel Schultze Senior Property Manager, Northern Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Marcel Schultze, a property manager at Prologis since 2012, oversees the company’s portfolio in Northern Germany. “As senior property manager, I am the face of Prologis for our customers in Northern Germany,” says Schultze. “I am the first point of contact for business or technical issues relating to a facility, renovations or other customer requirements.” Schultze has made it a point of pride to make all tenancies as pleasant and effective as possible. To allow customers to focus on their core business, Schultze strives to ensure that their logistics facilities function at their best.

“In my job as a property manager, I greatly appreciate having an array of different responsibilities,” says Schultze. These duties include regular property inspections, where he ensures that contractual obligations are being met. He is also responsible for managing the budget, commissioning, monitoring and approving work, and settling payments for maintenance to and renovations of the facilities. He instructs external facility management companies for the facilities under his remit. “The user has to be able to evaluate running costs for the logistics facility,” says Schultze. “As such, we often plan operational and insurance costs and expenses for facility management several years in advance.”

There’s more to the job than managing spreadsheets and staying on top of email. While a lot of the work can be completed at the computer, “I am often out and about with my customers onsite,” Schultze says. “Prologis allows me to make decisions at my own discretion so that I can respond more effectively to individual customer requirements. What’s more, I can draw from the wealth of experience of property managers in our global network, making it possible to overcome all sorts of challenges.”

Because of its unrivaled scope of operations, Prologis has a global network of property managers with whom Schultze can communicate via various cross-border platforms, while also exchanging information about service providers and comparing best practices. The ability to collaborate came in handy when a retail customer was interested in a distribution center at Prologis Park Hanover. Because a tire manufacturer had previously used the logistics facilities, a distinct rubber smell lingered at the property which was a challenge because the new tenant planned to store food there. “We had to find a fast and effective solution to get rid of the strong smell,” Schultze recalls. On one of the firm’s internal communication platforms, a colleague recommended a reliable service provider that had done well for Prologis in the past. “The smell was eliminated in no time, thanks to their expert service, allowing the new user to store their food in a safe and odor-free environment.”

Prologis properties are built by general contractors, who normally provide a ten-year guarantee for the roof of the building and a five-year guarantee for the outer shell, but Prologis maintains its own quality control. “Shortly before the guarantees expire, we organize a property inspection with the general contractor to fix any defects promptly and avoid incurring additional costs,” says Schultze. “We also check the sanitary facilities, with all properties receiving a thorough duct inspection, whereby we check the state of the water and wastewater pipes using a special camera.”

At Prologis, the job of a property manager goes far beyond making sure the lights are on and tenants are able to access facilities easily. “My work is varied and gives me profound insights into diverse areas of property management,” Schultze says. “The trust that our customers place in us is a particular source of pride in my profession.”