Ferhad Siteki, Project Manager Germany: Learning from Colleagues

Ferhad Siteki, Project Manager Germany

Project Manager Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany

“I give my best every day—and it is truly appreciated and acknowledged,” says Ferhad Siteki, project manager Germany, about his work at Prologis. The Berlin native has been a part of the team responsible for Germany since August 2017.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban planning at the Technical University of Dortmund, he followed with a master’s degree in real estate management and construction process management. In order to gain his first hands-on experience in the real estate industry, Siteki decided to join Prologis while still completing his master’s degree—initially as a student trainee in May 2018 he was promoted to project management associate Germany, in January 2020 he took on the position of project manager Germany.

The Perfect Start to His Career

During his time as a student trainee, Siteki worked primarily in property management. In his present position, his focus is on project management. “I am currently working with a colleague who has been with the company for over 17 years,” he says. “I assisted him on a project to develop a carbon-neutral property for L'Oréal in Muggensturm near Karlsruhe, one of our largest construction projects in Germany. I’m very happy about the opportunity to learn from such an experienced coworker.”

As a young professional, Siteki feels at home at Prologis. “My coworkers got me fully involved right from the start. I am part of all of the processes at the company, including meetings with customers and international colleagues, company parties and cornerstone ceremonies,” he explains. “Although I am just starting my career, at Prologis I’m accepted as an equally valuable colleague and also introduced that way outside of the company.” Flat hierarchies ensure that Prologis has a pleasant working atmosphere, which encourages employees to propose new ideas and creative approaches. “The doors to our offices are literally always open,” says Siteki. “Both when I was a student trainee and now as an associate, every employee treats me as an equal, regardless of title or rank. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone contributes fully and that we find solutions more quickly.”

Innovation also plays an important role in Prologis’ work. This is why the company encourages teams to think creatively, which affords entry-level employees the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. “Prologis gives its employees a lot of freedom and provides the necessary resources to find the most efficient solutions and master challenges in a creative way,” Siteki says. “The pleasant and professional working atmosphere at Prologis keeps me highly motivated. Working with experienced colleagues particularly helps me gain essential experience in the industry.”

Respectful Collaboration

The only way talented employees can tap their full potential is in a positive environment. This is why treating one another with respect is an integral part of our corporate culture. “Prologis only judges performance. Appearance, family background and religion are all irrelevant,” says Siteki. “The harmonious manner of working together creates a relaxed atmosphere and helps you focus fully on your work.”

“At Prologis, we’re constantly improving what we do and how we do it. This applies to our customer service and sustainable use of resources, as well as to our corporate culture,” he adds. “Prologis is the global market leader in the logistics real estate sector. I am certain that the positive attitude at the company significantly contributes to our success.”