Who is Prologis?


Prologis is a leading provider of logistics real estate in Germany. Our clients have access to a wide range of high-quality warehouses and distribution centers.

Facilities at logistics hot spots such as Hamburg, Munich, Hanover, the Rhine-Ruhr region, and the Rhine-Main area ensure the perfect connection to Europe’s key transportation routes. Prologis also possesses numerous vacant facilities in attractive locations in Germany for the development of build-to-suit facilities.

Prologis is the global market leader in logistics real estate, with a focus on high-barrier, high-growth markets. The company leases modern distribution facilities for different industries – particularly in B2B and retail/online fulfillment.

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Is Prologis currently offering any vacant facilities?


Yes! You can find an overview of our currently available logistics facilities here: https://www.prologisgermany.de/en/available-industrial-logistics-warehouse-space

Depending on the region in which you are looking for logistics space, we can offer you a preexisting distribution center, a new, custom-built logistics facility, or a speculative project development. Prologis has prestigious logistics facilities at all important logistics hubs throughout Germany.


We are available for questions regarding vacant facilities. Reach us by phone (+49-211-542-310) or by email to [email protected].

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What does Prologis offer our company?


Prologis owns an extensive portfolio of high-value logistics real estate in the world’s most important markets.

As owner and operator of logistics facilities, we attach great importance to long, positive partnerships with our clients and always work toward satisfying the expectations they have.

Our services include:


  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Leasing
  • Property Management
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Where do I find information about current developments in the logistics real estate industry?


The Prologis research team always keeps track of the opportunities of today and the trends of tomorrow.

We provide our stakeholders with well-informed analyses of current developments – such as ongoing digitalization, the transformation of supply chains, and the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector and its impacts on the logistics real estate industry.

If you would like to find out more about the top logistics locations in Europe or about the development of the rent index, take a look at our latest research results.

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How do municipalities gain from logistics?


Logistics adds value. In most cases, there is much more behind the walls of a logistics facility than just a warehouse. If necessary, we invest in infrastructure so that facilities are integrated into the community as far as possible. In addition, we are putting an increased focus on brownfield developments in order to avoid paving over undeveloped land.

Municipalities benefit from this in three ways:

  • Space for new jobs is created
  • Old facilities are demolished
  • Land is made usable again


We are in continuous dialog with municipalities and communities – listening, understanding, and compromising are par for the course for us.

Learn more about your benefits here: https://www.prologisgermany.de/en/municipalities/benefits


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How does Prologis work together with municipalities?


Before we develop the concept for a specific facility project in your municipality, we seek to understand your exact needs.

Simultaneously, we allow you to understand our approach. Transparency is very important to us. We work as partners and appreciate fair cooperation and good communication.

We take concerns seriously and answer all questions. If you think our concept works for you, then we look forward to a constructive partnership together – after all, you know your municipality best.

Here, we show you how we have successfully partnered with other municipalities in the past: https://www.prologisgermany.de/en/municipalities/how-we-work


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Where does Prologis stand when it comes to sustainability?


As a company active across the world, it is highly important to us that we lead and set a good example in terms of protecting the environment. Sustainability is part of our company’s DNA.

Our aim is to fulfill our social responsibility, minimize our impact on the environment, and optimize the benefits for our stakeholders.

As a long-term owner, our goal is to develop future-ready facilities. We meet or exceed recognized standards for sustainable construction so that we can develop energy-efficient logistics facilities, which means more efficiency and lower operating costs for our clients and more sustainability for municipalities.

We also motivate our own employees to lower consumption of energy and water and the amount of waste produced in order to reduce our own operating costs and impact on the environment.

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How does the carbon-neutral operation of logistics facilities work?


To achieve carbon-neutrality in the operation of a facility, the total difference between emissions and carbon compensation must equal zero.

Carbon-neutral operation can be achieved through various measures such as PV solar panels, efficient lighting, and increased insulation.

There are further options, too:

  • The energy used for operation of a logistics facility can be sourced using photovoltaic solar panels and other, environmentally friendly, renewable sources of energy.
  • The centralized building services system controls energy consumption and identifies opportunities to save energy. Additionally, efficient LED lighting reduces electricity consumption considerably. 
  • Black, gas-powered radiators heat the building efficiently and deliver energy savings of up to 50 percent. Furthermore, stronger thermal insulation ensures less energy lost in winter and better insulation of heat in summer.
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Where do I find job vacancies at Prologis?


Our current jobs available at Prologis in Northern Europe can be found here:



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Can I join Prologis while I’m still studying?


With pleasure! Thanks to our growing portfolio, we are constantly looking for student employees and graduates to support us.

Through the Prologis graduate program, you can gain insights into our four main fields of work – business development, project management, leasing, and property management – and be part of our international team right from the start. Our mentors will be by your side for all matters and turn you into a logistics real estate expert.

Interested? You are welcome to apply any time, just send an email to [email protected] 
We look forward to meeting you!

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Do you still have questions or are looking for additional information?

We are happy to help.

By phone: +49-211-542-310
Or by email: [email protected]